Bryan Paschke
Gull Wing doors mean I would have to buy a kayak trailer. Guess it doesn\'t matter, if I could afford it, I would get one. When are they coming out with the economy models?
Rustin Lee Haase
I was disappointed that none of the pictures shows the interior. I\'ve got a family of six and would like to try to imagine how we would fit in such a machine.
Gull wing doors are cool. They remind me of back to the future, but I do remember Marty (Michael J Fox) bumping his head on them often enough. Where I live we always have lots of wind and gull wing doors seem that they would let the weather in much more effectively - usually not good. They might also have bad interactions with garage door openers.
Its another electric car that is priced so high that only those who can afford to buy lots of gasoline can get one. Still the trend is good 100K for the roadster, 60K for the model S, 50K for the X. Some day I may be able to afford one. :-)
Way to go Tesla!
( I wish the old used roadsters would get cheap but their market value just stays up there.) Guess I\'ll have to build my own or work a few King Crab missions.
The great thing about Gull Wing doors is that if you have enough room to get to them you have enough room to fully open them. .............................................................................................................................
Including recharges how long would it take me to drive from Denver to LA at posted speed limits?
why are governments not backing this kind of design tech?it\'s a no brainer to a poor naive fool like me!! seriously,this seems to be an all round vehicle to solve an itching shortfall in clean personal transport.linked to a sustainable means of power my mind,the problem,at least one part of it,is solved.but now,the only fly in the ointment is short sighted administrations with their own short termist agendas,oh well,soldier on day.
o my god, it so beautifull
re; floccipaucinihilipilification
They are that is why the idea of electric cars keep making a comeback despite the fact that electricity storage devices are clearly not up to the task.
Wow, you must have one heck of a commute (over 80 miles each way to make the Model S \"not up to the task\")
re; MrRodgers
You must be rich to afford one car for commuting, and another for weekend trips. I occasionally have to take several hundred mile trips essentially without notice, and without time to recharge a battery on the way.
Gary Beach
It\'s great that it comes with a Federal rebate. Did you know that Chevy Volt buyers get a $10,000. Federal credit? Did you also know that the average income of a Volt buyer is $177,000? I\'m so glad that a portion my taxes help these \"fat cats\" with their purchase. I make $40,000.
Get the Feds OUT OF MY POCKET!
Jerry Peavy
\"I\'m so glad that a portion my taxes help these \"fat cats\" with their purchase. I make $40,000.\" You already send your tax dollars to support subsidy\'s for the oil companies so you don\'t have to pay the actual price for gas!