Wooohooo!!! Finally someone in charge gets it!
The Oatmeal did a comic on "Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived" here
Tesla was more about advancing technology to benefit everyone rather than technology for the sake of getting rich off of it. He would have approved of this move.
Joseph Kitchin
Ha! musk is a genius realize that he's building a gigantic battery factory that will make tons of CAR batteries relatively cheaply in the US. guess who he's going to sell all those batteries to~~~~
Rutherford Gnarlybone
Bravo Elon. You keep blowing us away and walking your talk in a way that makes other CEOs look shallow and plastic.
The coolest bit about the announcement is the blog article's title. The funniest bit is all the comments that don't understand it... Also check out Elon's Twitter response to the media's general lack of comprehension of the same.
HypoTron Man
This is fantastic. Now others should drop their patents and let world world advance faster. Hey! Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Google and Samsung just name a few. Drop all your patents!
Elon the Genius, what a guy, what a refreshing idea. I agree with most statements above. This is how humanity progresses. I have always wondered (knowing the obvious answer) why these people working on similar technology can't get together and consequently reduce the shared production costs.
Don Duncan
Looks like a libertarian got to talk with Elon. Patents were invented to encourage innovation. They rely on force to stop someone from employing an idea, even though that person may have thought of it first, or the person holding the patent may have no interest in ever using it for anything except keeping others from using it until they pay him (extortion) or the patent completely relies on other's ideas. Does that sound fair? Does it promote innovation?
Patents were supposed to be limited in time. Crony capitalists got the time limits extended. This does not promote technology/industry.
Patents are anti-invention, anti-life, and immoral. The sooner they are abolished, the better. In the long run, everyone will benefit.
The Patent and Trademark act was one of the first laws enacted by Congress after British Americans launched the rebellion against their Good & Proper King. The point was always to encourage improvement in society by encouraging individuals to innovate. Sadly, there are companies and low-life scum patent trolls who only view patents as tools to extort money with. However, by retaining his patents but opening them to broad use Elon has done all of the world a great service. And I sincerely hope his battery factory succeeds brilliantly. Until something better comes along and maybe Elon will develop that as well.
If I had the choice between an Elon Musk who's open patent move may benefit himself at the same time it benefits other businesses as well as the planet, or choose some business man who keeps his patents locked away to benefit himself and stockholders while screwing the planet ................. well I would take an Elon Musk any day.