Looks like Starman will be fine, just opening his copy of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, hope he has his towel 'Don't Panic'. Great job guys.
cool stunt but ultimately, just more rubbish left in the world, or universe, around us.
It was either this, or a concrete brick. Can you blame them for wanting to have a little fun?
Graeme S
So now we have the ignoble distinction of polluting our world and space, thankfully we are alone in all this and only have ourselves to blame for the outcomes. This may be the mother of all advertising, but it does show our contempt for our own backyard.
Virtue successfully signaled.
It would have been more intelligent to orbit a giant water tank for the space station ...
Brian M
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I'd like to think that some of our ET brethren have enough of a sense of humour to pick up the Tesla and return it to Earth, gently placing it back on Musk's front lawn, complete with a citation for littering or inappropriate parking.....
Hey guys, take it easy and let us enjoy the picture of Spaceman and the cherry red tesla for a while. After all, don't all physical objects eventually turn to dust?
As soon as I heard of this SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch, I immediately wondered how the roadster would survive the space trip, and now we see that it conclusively won't. But the publicity stunt was priceless...