Robert Walther
For a Billion$ dollars$!! why not buy a province in France, cover the area in bike paths and run chunnel trains from London to the location every 20 minutes?
I think that is a neat idea. One could ride ones bike without the worry about being run over and one can have a great view of the river.
Jim Bruin
A billion dollars? For a bike path? Is that a misprint, or is someone actually crazy enough to build a billion dollar bike path?
Bob Flint
They are only now collecting funds for a feasibility study, we can do that for free.....this won't would need over 420 million fit people to ride this just to pay for it...
as much as i myself like biking, and having seen the thames , i'm sure it would beautiful, it is not only a complete butchering of the waterway, it is an expensive pointless project. if we're going to go full retard why not discuss covering the thames over with massive buildings? or building huge buildings standing IN the oil platforms for people to live in.
Matthew Jacobs
That a $129.53 Million per mile. No land needs to be purchased, no digging or pouring of concrete needed etc etc.
The price does not seem unreasonable to me seeing all the silly donkey "green" jargon they are throwing at it.
Ford Shortland
It's a good idea, we've had a floating walkway/cycle path in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia for a good number of years now. Of course, ours wasn't privately built, but government funded, and thus there is no charge to use it.
Mel Tisdale
Given the fact that despite the science, CO2 emissions are still rising, it will not be too long before London has to be abandoned to rising sea levels. They are already doing feasibility studies for where to move the Thames barrier to so that, Canute like, they can postpone the seemingly inevitable. I suppose if they did build this cycleway, future generations could put it alongside the Cross Rail and HS2 railway projects as evidence of just how clueless the current generation is regarding the danger we face as a species. The sums involved would be far better spent on developing LFTR nuclear power technology.
Seems cheap compared to the £1bn that was WASTED on a large tent on the Greenwich Peninsula.... (which was subsequently sold for £40m)