June 3, 2008 With the plethora of digital cameras, PDS, phones, digital media players adding to the physical burden we carry every day, sometimes it gets to be a real problem just dealing with the load. Fanny packs and back packs are potential answers to the problem, as was the Quickdraw Clip System we covered earlier this week, but now there’s another player in the mix that is worthy of consideration – the GRABIT PACK.

It’s a simple but ingenious invention and the work of former stuntman Louis Kiss who recognised the need for carrying capacity that offers “fast access while not getting in the way”. It’s more accessible than a sling bag and ideal for the user Louis envisaged - photographers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, Police Officers, Paramedics, messengers, landscapers, and Film Industry “grips” and makeup artists.

At just US$19 for one GRABIT PACK, US$37 for two and US$50 for three, it’s certainly cheap, and Louis is sending us a couple so we can vouch that it’s also comfortable, practical and durable.

There's also a blog about the product here.

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