Stefan Cooper-Fox
Oh how I love the future... or should I say NOW!
Jonathan Woo
nice toy for my wife next spring.
Facebook User
I can\'t wait to get one!!!
It shoul be on the market...WHER I CAN BUY IT ....?
Tony Medlin
Ohura wants one!
Dave B13
Borg Me! I can\'t decide if I should just get the headset, or buy a phone so it will be functional.
Marius Gruita
Looks like someone is having fun of us. I\'ve read first time about it in 2009. Now it is still nowhere for sale. Sounds bad!
Mark Lanett
Very tiny. Thus very tiny battery. This is probably the holdup.
Justin Murray
Cool idea, but from a design standpoint I wouldn't really label this as "sleek" or "slim". Although this may be an option for the workplace - such as hospitals or factories, it could use a re-design to become viable for the consumer market.
Pierre Marchildon
where do i get one of these? How much does it cost?