Who knew...
I used to be cute...sigh.
Shawn Corey
All together: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...
Glen Jacobsen
Puppies, kittens: cute. baby lizards and turtles: very cute! Human babies, really damn ugly! And once they start crying, no way in the world I even want to stay in the same room, much less want to pick up or hold them. Yuck.
Clay Jones
@Glen: clearly, brother, you are not a dad.
Peter Green
Well it was sorta... obvious. opposed to surprising.
Gavin Greaves
Its true enough, but the science and the understanding of these principles is really well established, quite old and the article represents nothing new, which just makes me ask, why?
Chris Hooley
I'm with Glen. Must have missed the "find babies cute" gene.
Abby George
Had thought up all this myself before reading this.. anyway good to know that its true :D
"For absolute and categorical proof that cuteness is biological, "
Where is the evidence?