Good, good, good! I like where this is going. But please don\'t throw in red herrings like VentureOne (now Persu)! Don\'t get me wrong their fully enclosed cabin designs are great - my favorite in fact - but they are a fake outfit - they\'ve been promising the stars for years with absolutely nothing to show for it but nonfunctional mockups and empty promises.
Somebody should have the foresight to sell these vehicles in Asia. It is a given thing that we travel everywhere on bikes. The only downside is being caught in the rain. The market potential for a three or four wheelers here is worth billions of dollars. Just add a roof please, at the very least a foldable one like the Adiva. Sell your product at a \'proven\' market, preferably like right now, in the ongoing rainy season. Come out with a single seater with a larger luggage compartment, sell it stricly as a commuting vehicle for going to work and back, saving on the fuel and toll charges, beating the morning traffic gridlock and easy to find parking space. You got a killer product here.
Alan Belardinelli
I can see the Parkour being pretty popular in Nordic cities, although the suspension travel might be an issue in the country (e.g., anywhere outside the city limits here in Norway). People here use scooters and quads all year around in the city (with studded tires). The Parkour looks like it would be a killer app for conditions in Oslo. Also, I would like to start chanting Tesserat! Over and Over again. I don\'t care if it is a Yamaha or not, but mating a real sportbike motor and beefy version of the quad suspension concept would be a hoot!
Rubiyanto Pramono
We have already developed TTW for Tiny Pick Up in Indonesia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIcgzdHq6DU
marv, You should pester Honda to actually produce that electric version of the Canopy that they showed. It would seem to be perfect for what you want. A commuter with a roof and cargo space. http://www.gizmag.com/honda-finally-makes-an-electric-canopy-gyro-three-wheeler/20456/
Roger W.
Yes, some sort of weather protection is required for the daily business commuter. Nobody wants to arrive for a day at the office, \'sweat soaked\' by wearing a full Rain Suit, or \'roasted\' under a broiling sun. And I agree that \"Venture/Persu\" has become a JOKE among the \'tilting world\'; after almost 5 years and over 6 million in \'venture\' capital, they have not yet demonstrated ONE WORKING PROTOTYPE that they have BUILT.
Actually in many cities in China a principal form of transportation is with electric two wheeled scooters that are half the size of the four wheel design shown in this article. Have the cost, half the power to drive the vehicle and half as much space to store it when it is not in use. Few people appreciate the billions of dollars spent to simply house a car when it is not in use which is 90% of the time during its useful life. That includes taking up to 50% of the roadway to park or store vehicles overnight and during the day, the 20% of the average American house that is used only to store two cars when not in use, and the amount of land that is dedicated to auto parking at businesses, schools, and public facilities. The electric scooters of 8 people require a smaller footprint than 1 person\'s car. Additionally a two person electric scooter does not need a dedicated area but can be squeezed in to unused spaces, with the collapsible designs making it possible to bring a scooter inside an office or home. So long as governments and taxpayers subsidize the parking and roadways needed for automobiles the users continue to have a free ride. It is the worst in the USA where our governments gave away the public transport systems in the 1940\'s and 1950\'s so people often cannot use anything other than a car to get from home to work or school. From my house their is no legal way to get to the nearest town using a bicycle or by walking, and my situation is not uncommon in the United States.
Hsiang Lin
having put a good 30k miles on the Piaggio MP3 500, I am pretty excited by the Quadro 4D. But what I am really looking for, are refinement to the idea. Better ergo, more engine power, etc. I also think a roof makes a lot of sense since the main advantage of the 3/4 wheel platform are their stability in the rain and better weather protection for the rider makes a lot more sense on these bikes than normal 2 wheelers. However I don\'t think these bikes makes as much sense in Asia, the technology invovled means that they are inherently a lot more expensive than \"normal\" scooter. A mp3 250 starts at $6400 here in the US and for that kind of money you can prob buy a use car that would make more sense. Its a perfect platform in the US and Europe where people are willing and can afford the premium for these kind of bike. Last thing that no one ever mention is that by design the two front wheels gets in the ways of the leg well. I hope that the manufacturer will eventually find a workable solution. Again, we need more refinement.
What happens on these machines when leant over if the outside wheels disappear into a pothole or a lump of bitumen lifts the inside wheels; catapult?
Ozuzi- \"What happens on these machines when leant over if the outside wheels disappear into a pothole or a lump of bitumen lifts the inside wheels; catapult?\" What happens to any small motor vehicle when a front wheel drops into a sizable hole, or strikes an obstruction? The tilting 3 & 4 wheelers at least retain the grip offers by TWO (or THREE) remaining wheels when these incidents occur. The average mono-track vehicle just has ONE other wheel (which just may then follow into the same rolling collision)!