Charles Gaines
Oh yes. Because being hardware in a wifi network will totally make factory workers feel better about themselves.
Jon A.
I really hope that the intended use is to identify best practices and eliminate movements that could lead to injury. The cynic in me sees new horizons in the field of micromanagement, though. I do wonder if this could be used for general purpose motion capture, eliminating the need for cameras and ping pong balls taped to actors.
Mr Stiffy
\"Slaves equipped with sensors have been developed to time the actions of factory workers, in order to increase efficiency.\" This is NAZIWARE to the max.
Bill Bennett
I hope Jon A is correct and Mr Stiffy (does it not hurt being hard so long?) hope it is put to good use avoiding repetitive action injury rather than Mr Stiffy\'s POV
William H Lanteigne
No sensor will ever eliminate the most wasteful of all production problems: dirt-stupid management.
Cedric Boisdon
when will they realize that factory worker are not robot?
Captain Danger
This is great. Workers that are slacking off or doing things incorrectly can be targeted for additional training. Workers may not like it but really it is called WORK not HAPPY. Keep your mind on the job , produce a good quality product and a the end of the day go home with no worries.
Nick Beck
I\'d be interested in whether this is a data gathering exercise for robotic arm manipulators. Could be a similar strategy to GoogleVoice being a proxy for speech algorithms. Either way, more safety and production control outweigh the big-brother aspect. Work is work.
Bruce H. Anderson
Having run a stopwatch earlier in my career, I am keenly aware of the deficiencies involved with the process. The good thing about this product is that it is totally objective and thorough, with little opportunity of influence by either worker or supervisor. I like solid data. I think it will be too expensive and cumbersome as a micromanagement (dirt-stupid Nazi) tool.
This could be great for safety. You could program machinery to stop when the hand gets near a pinch point