Fairly Reasoner
It's an RV. Only heavier.
Who cleans up all the broken dishware and open cabinet stuff from the floor when transporting it over bumpy roads and such. Stuff would be flying everywhere. Otherwise I love the idea. Does it have a composting toilet?
John Mauldin
The tiny house movement is gaining tremendous momentum as young and old begin to explore the value of home ownership without being a slave to an unending mortgage note. The structures are typically built using conventional building techniques in use for centuries and afford the owner privacy, safety and much more.
So other than being an Airstream trailer made of wood rather than aluminum, this is an incredible new concept because....?
Keith Reeder
"Tiny house on wheel" = caravan...
Only in California...
Joe Black
Minimalist is where I've been heading for several years now so I really like the concept . That said a nice used airstream or any trailer looks like a better option in many ways . In order for this to become a viable option for people a legal place to park them is going to be needed . Some thing like a trailer park , but then you're getting into what 4 or 5 hundred dollars a month park rent ? The real problem is that better than 50% of people who live and work here really can't afford to live here . One thing for sure is , the McMansion era is over .
Jeff J Carlson
"I want to make it easier for people to build tiny homes and find legal places to park them – the support of a community and shared resources would really be of benefit of tiny house dwellers."
like a trailer park perhaps ? gee why didn't he think of that ?
Lighten up on the kid. He & his GF are being age appropriate. They imagine they thought of everything first. No doubt the first cattle drive operator thought he was really smart to have figured out how to build a whole kitchen into a wagon. On the down side, however, all that beetle-killed ponderosa pine will not last long in the progressively drier, fire prone California hills. Being small gives them some chance of being able to hitch up & run.
Why all the negative comments? Easy to stand on the side,not contributing or designing a thing in life, and being negative. Lighten up people.