Those of us who succumbed to the persistent and annoying popup to upgrade, now have to suffer the constant badgering to get a Microsoft account... Privacy settings are scattered far and wide throughout the OS. The cynics could be forgiven for thinking that Microsoft is the commercial division of the NSA... W10 is keen to get as much of your personal stuff such as contacts, emails, documents, photos and so much more into the cloud. I have turned off every privacy sharing option I can. Having said that, W10 is ideal for the legions of over-sharing narcissists worldwide! Will I revert to W7? What's the point? W7's days are numbered anyway. Support for W7 will cease and then we'll have to upgrade anyway. Windows has not been my primary platform for many years now. With each new release, I like it even less.
The upgrade was trouble-free but took almost 3 hours. Compared to W7, it is quicker to get to the logon screen. It is slower to get to productivity after logging on though. It's a touch interface with a weak desktop environment hacked onto it.
At first I rather liked Windows 10. However, it is slow to produce a site and the pop up ads which are interminable annoy the user beyond belief. I have arranged to return to Windows 7 to get rid of all these constant headaches. Windows 10 controls the user and not vice versa.
I've never gotten any popups on W10, and I have 3 computers that I upgraded, 2 on Microsoft accounts, and one is not. Yeah they promted me I have the option to log in with Microsoft account, but not mandatory. Maybe the other posters are talking about the notifications on the lower corner of the screen that are really very subtle and almost too short lived. I find W10 a really nice upgrade, and really works beautifully.
Bob Flint
One can chose not to follow the masses, and live free or die as "New Hampshire" states...
Having gone thorough Windows 3.1, 98, 2000, Long live XP, skipped Vista, Windows 7 (current) skipped 8, 8.1, (windows 9 never happened) Windows 10 Yeah right...
The divide is here - some will claim Win 10 to be great, but the rest of us will see this thing is plain ugly, horribly intrusive, and laden with clutter. The best part is the painless reversion back to Win 7. Good luck to those who keep hoping it will eventually look and work like the hype. I need some suggestions for a better platform to replace Win 7....
win10 should come be shipped with privacy & security locked down and users can unlock what they want not the other way around. this is why people don't trust microsoft and most major software companies. don't treat us like fools or sheep and you will earn our respect.
Richard Chesher
Windows 10 bricked my Dell three times during installation - luckily I had a clone disk to recover. After finally getting it installed I used it for a couple of weeks before it began doing a major update again - and again and again. It kept recycling between "getting windows ready" and "could not complete the updates, restarting" - Once it finally restarted I tried to turn off auto-updates; only to discover you can't do that. I then found out that if you set your WiFi connection to Metered it will "only" download priority updates. The Windows Sales Hype reminds me of the Star Wars Jedi trick ; "you're going to LOVE Windows 10" - oh, and I replaced the super start menu with ClassicShell which is much nicer and easier to customize. On a score of 1 to 10, I give Windows 10 a 7.
Pacific Oyster
This is not an article. It sounds as it was written by Microsoft's PR department. Nowhere do you mention the incredible privacy intrusions that are very difficult to find where to turn off. That is if in fact you can turn them ALL of. Microsoft has become a division of the NSA and Big Brother. And hey! Let's be careful out there.
I upgraded my 17 inch touchscreen Envy, and my monster 28 inch dual monitor desktop after doing a full system image backup on both. And I sure am glad I did since I had to restore and repeat the upgrade once on my laptop because the touchscreen wasn't working. For once, a backup came in handy!
Anyway, both are working nicely now and it looks and works great. I am loving the virtual desktops. When you go back and look at windows 7 and 8.1 after using 10 for a couple weeks, you realize how dated they look and that you could never go back.
Thanks. I enjoyed this piece. You are a good writer.