Edgar Castelo
Doesn't this show lack of respect for Titanic's arrogant stupidity and avarice's victims?
At least it will create jobs, such a shame he did not want to build it in the original shipyard.
Actually the rivets had nothing to do with the sinking. A combination of bad steel in the hull and frame, an undersized rudder, and the command crew not trained in Titanic specific emergence evasion maneuvers sank the Titanic. Fixing just one would have prevented the tragedy.
Re; Slowburn The Lucitania, the Titanics sister ship sailed on until 1915 with the same defects. Perhaps not hitting an Iceburg helped.
Re; Edgar Castelo Any vessel made after the Great Eastern would have sunk, which is the only known civillian ship of that era - or perhaps this, which would have survived (Double hulls). The entire passenger ship industry was as culpable as the White Star Line. It is just that the White Star line happened to have the shipwreck which killed the most rich and famous of all time on the ships Maiden Voyage.
Forward Thinker
Re; Slowburn and L1ma One theory I heard regarding the rivets was that the last few watertight compartments that were breached did so because the ends of the rivets holding the metal plates together were just sheared off as they were ground against the iceberg. Unlike the first few compartments where the metal was torn apart, the last few simply ripped open at the seams. Had somebody gone down there and shoved an improvised plug into the burst seams and concentrated all pumps on those compartments, the ship would have been able to stay afloat long enough for rescue to arrive. I've also heard that if the ship were to just have directly rammed the iceberg it also would have kept floating much longer
Jonathan Jenkins
The Titanic's sister ships were Olympic and Britannic. The Lusitania was the sister ship of the Mauretania.
I can understand using modern technology to keep it safe. Will the interior be similar to the original Titanic? Would any part of the interior be similar to the original? It would be neat if at least some part of the interior was at least inspired by the original.
Sick I think. RIP Isn't Mr Palmer the Queensland right wing tycoon saying that the USA government controls the Australian Green Party? Flash-in-the-pan political hopeful I'd suggest.
Yani Haigh
It's Clive's BS project as he tries to gain publicity in Australia before he runs in Wane Swan's seat (current Australian treasurer). The only thing titanic that Clive has managed is the size of his own behind which if it were fracked would power Queensland for years!