Does it do prostate examinations?
Rings are dangerous and titanium is extremely hard to cut which makes removing them if the finger has swelled almost impossible. The only ring I'll wear is a wedding ring and I'll borrow the ring for the wedding and have the real ring tattooed on my finger.
Nice! A titanium ring is not that hard to cut off in an's harder than gold and silver alloys, but not as hard as stainless steel. Which raises the question, why not make the cutting blades out of stainless steel?
Gary in VA
I have a TI wedding band from Boone. He used to make TI bicycle parts. Nothing but high quality stuff from him.
Charlie Channels
Dear nutcase, you actually honor your nickname.....prostate examinations with a ring that holds a straight, saw and serrated blades ? Why not ask Dr. Wolverine to do the exam instead? Yikes..!!!
Jeff Vandervort
Hah, something else to lose at the security scan when passin through the airport. I've lost too many inexpensive pocket knives already. Not spending $400 only to realize it's still on my finger half way through the line.
Paul Anthony
@Vanervort, I hear you. I want one with a hand cuff key. :)
No problem getting through TSA with that one. All my Titanium Six Million Dollar Man parts don't even make the machines squeak! Getting a tattooed wedding ring makes one wonder if you're that paranoid about everything, why not just get a tinfoil hat tattooed on while you're at it. :-) (when working with machinery or welding, I just remove mine ...the ring, not the hat) :-D
How stupid, as if the thugs do not have enough dangerous and hidden weapons. That is all that this ring is, another dangerous weapon to slice innocent people when being bashed outside a nightclub or somewhere.
re; pickypilot As a child I caught the ring I was wearing on the rope of a swing when I jumped off and it hurt terribly despite being a cheap veritable sized ring with the gap. As an adult I saw a finger get torn off when the ring caught on the top of a wooden privacy fence the guy was jumping over. Rings are a danger I am not willing to take.