Stephen N Russell
I choose these models: Lambo Aventador Lexus LF LC MB AMG EV Infiniti Emerg E.
except for the jeep, i see vary little functionality in any one of these vehicles .maybe that's why there just concept cars for people with money to burn. i wonder if that jeep is to high to fit in my garage.
Fritz Menzel
Ridiculous to call these "top concept vehicles." What a bunch of crap. Not one aerodynamic travel/soccer mom van with a mega battery that takes advantage of all that floor space. Please quit rewarding all this same old same old so-called "creativity".
What a sad group of useless, too expensive vehicles!!
How about useful vehicles like 1000lb EV's, pickups, etc for $10k with optional unlimited range generators? Now that would be useful concepts.
The only viable unit was the Jeep Mighty which could and should with a little better aero, 2wh drive and street tires be a real improvement. And add a van version.
Now the same in all medium tech composites with EV drive, great aero is something we need and would sell like hotcakes.
Again if I want something I'll have to build it myself as big auto isn't going to.
tampa florida
frogola, fritz menzel, jerryd,
all of you fail to see the obvious functionality of all of these vehicles
picking up women :)
Merry Christmas
Fritz Menzel
tampa florida: I hear ya, but I can easily fit 3 in my hybrid and still afford dinner, dancing and a nice motel room.
Savin Wangtal
That EV car is super hot. Me likey.
Tom Phoghat Sobieski
"all of you fail to see the obvious functionality of all of these vehicles
picking up women :)" And the fact remains, that the cheapest vehicle to buy, and maintain sucks them in faster and only has 2 wheels.
This article demonstrates the problem with automotive design. They think that we want a sexier car and NOT a safer car. They think we want a babe magnet and not a more functional car. They think we we say we want more technology that we want a fancier stereo. To get any of the crash avoidance technology you have to buy the most expensive car on the lot.
The best concept car is a car that is as safe as the technology will allow, made of materials that are very light and strong, easily repaired, low cost to drive and doesn't require use of inferior mapping systems, doesn't require purchase of monthly subscriptions, and doesn't force us to buy expensive stereos to have technology.
Right with you CharlieG, but then they wouldn't be CON-cept cars. The automotive industry is in the same dilemma as the banking industry but doesn't know how or see why it should re-invent itself. The real world knows there has to be 'down-sizing' but most people are still hanging on to the dream world of CONS!