Have an ejectable battery-pack, controlled by G-sensors and tilt-sensors, that will get rid of the fire hazard in the event of a crash..
Not sure the hazard is fire (as such) but more (electrical) explosion ?
Let Tesla invest in it so it can claim a portion for advertising rights. Will sell millions of cars if we best the best of the fuelers. And they will as the electric motor is 98% efficient and gas at best 40%. It's just a matter of time.
A lot of Australian pride. But, realistically, if you assemble together 3-5 Tesla drivetrains you are pretty much there. That is, using a number of widely tested powertrains geared together, instead than one single motor and one very high peak current.
Captain Danger
The lack of innovation in conventional racing is due to the sanctioning bodies. Nascar lost me with the "Car of the Future", any innovation that a manufacturer implements is lost because they want to turn it into a drivers series. As for F1 in my opinion there should be three rules Maximum size of the war Maximum weight of the car If the car uses an internal combustion engine then it must run a commercially available pump gas and meet the current emission regulations of the country it is running in.
I like the approach of going after Top Fuel on its own terms as much as possible, it will do a lot to shut up guy's like me that are sad to see the passing of an era and will use arguments such as lack of equal competition to point out why electric is not as competitive.
I was also interested to find out that in Australia Top fuel is allowed to run a full 1/4 mile. Good to hear that there are still some cojones left down under. Australia's reputation took a big hit with me after finding out about the zero tolerance photo radar and 'hoon' laws. Really ?! from the country that gave us the Road Warrior? Makes our Canadian milquetoast system look almost reasonable.
Lots of big talk here. However, as you mentioned, the top fuel cars already have more power than they can use. Tires and aerodynamics are the real key to even higher performance. I'm afraid that even if EVs achieve the performance levels of internal combustion vehicles they will not inspire the same level of excitement. I go to a top fuel race to listen to the sound that shakes my body and stirs my soul regardless of the new record speeds achieved. Top fuel has already reached speeds that for safety sake should not be pushed much farther. Drawing a crowd is more about the show than the speed. EV racers are really rather dull.
These are impressive numbers in a technological trend that tends to grow. If you can associate the new electric and electronic systems that dispense the battery, it will still be ecologically better and could revolutionize aviation.
Supercaps! Rare earth motors! No limit to what can be done IF we get rid of the tire restrictions. NHRA could be running faster and quicker if we had better tires. And if we were allowed to use computers to control the car. But then the driver becomes just a passenger.
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They are pushing the technological boundaries. Who knows what parts that they develop will perhaps end up with applications other than electric dragsters along the line?
Akmon! All this writing with no video?