Derek Howe
wow...that\'s awesome.
I just bought a 55\" LED Samsung...non 3D, because I don\'t want to wear glasses or get headaches when watching movies. This TV eliminates one of those...hopefully (time will tell) if it will be able to look good...while leaving your head feeling good. 4k resolution is definitely the future, its showing up more and more, yesterday I bought a new receiver that was touting its 4k up scaling abilities.
I shudder at what the price of this beauty will be.......
Charles Bosse
You have to hand it to them for going all the way. Now when someone says \"what\'s the best TV you have?\", the answer will be clear... at least until we get to real holography in consumer products.
Marvin Grenstein
Does anyone find the idea of facial tracking software in ur tv unsetling.This sort of is going the road of 1984 with tvs watching us not us watching tvs.
Why are they bothering with QFHD? Go for 4K at 4096 x 2160...the resolution most movies are mastered in! (When mastered digitally or converted to digital)
Walter Costescu
People complain about 3D glasses waaay too much. Most of them don\'t even use the 3D glasses, they just complain based on their assumptions. I use my active shutter glasses to watch 3D on my 60\" Mitsubishi DLP all the time, and the glasses feel just like you\'re wearing a normal pair of glasses. How many times do you hear someone complain about wearing reading glasses or sunglasses? It\'s the same thing!!! The visual clarity of the 3D is 100% natural, it may be somewhat off-looking in the first minute, but your eyes quickly adjust to it, and the longer you watch, the more your eyes actually settle and rest at ease. I\'m 100% happy with 3D Glasses for now. 10 years from now, sure, bring on the glasses free, but I\'m not about to spend $20,000 on that kind of tech just yet. As far as 4K resolution goes, It\'s just ridiculous. 1080P looks absolutely perfect. Once you starting getting past that sort of resolution, the details are not even noticeable to the human eye. I can understand 4K resolution for a 100\" screen size, but not for any consumer sized television. Just a marketing gimmick, nothing more
Derek Howe
@ Walter - I complain about 3D...because it DOES give me a headache...that said, the only 3D I\'ve seen is the Real3D in theaters...I\'ve never watched a movie wearing the active 3D glasses. I have tried them on in stores (BB) but a couple minutes isn\'t enough to induce a headache... So maybe your right in that the active ones are better...I wouldn\'t know. either way, I plan on waiting for 3D until its glasses free. which (obviously) already exist, and it will be better and cheaper by the time I get a new set (5 years-ish).
About time somebody got rid of those silly glasses. Way to Go Toshiba keep it up guys
Michiel Mitchell
hmm..... getting your brain washed in 3 different directions, all at once.... sounds divine.
Jake Dhillon
Well REAL 3D I was reading was only 30 fps, and IMAX 3D is a full 60FPS, and a much larger screen. That means that Real3D only gives you 15fps per eye, that is what causes the ghosting and headaches normally. Just pony up for movies that are in IMAX 3D, and don\'t watch 3D on LEDs that are too slow on the frame rates unlike plasma. I see noticeable ghosting there too...