Please Toyota... Im begging you! MAKE THIS CAR! I always thought generator cars would be a great alternative to save on fuel with a constant fuel intake that is very minimal. But then through in 420 HP Combined Electric Motors with AWD small car.... Sounds like a Win, Win, Win
Brilliant! Finally they get it! Figures it's called a never will build it car. But it actually will be part of many in the future. Make a camper van with this tech and regen shocks and millions will want it. VW has missed the boat. A diesel option would be nice.
I have been against any car with a battery, hybrid, Electric, volts.... THANK FULLY someone figured out that chemical batteries or even mechanical batteries are simply not suited for transportation. I am so happy to see another car utilizing capacitors. I wonder what happened to Hydraulic Hybrid Technology. IF they had made one of these car instead of wasting billions of tax payer dollars on the volt we would have a much better world.
I've NEVER seen a Toyota before that I've liked. This interests me though...
The Skud
Build it! The suggestion of vans or campers getting a boost to highway speeds is a good one. But forget diesel, PLEASE! - diesel particulates (mostly controlled) and nitrous oxide emissions (not so much) are making more pollution and danger to the sick and elderly in big cities than IC vehicles. The idea lacks merit, as only steady-state running seems to be good for diesels, variations of up or down speed seems to be the cause of most pollution.
Brett Horne
This is something so outside the box, I'd expect it to fall into their Scion line but, either way SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!
So you smoke your tires off at the lights for five seconds and spin out of control, then quietly roll away at snail's place because you don't have any power left. As a positive, this thing is viable because super caps are cheap and proven. The only money burners are the high power electric motors. Give me a car with: 1. Supercharged 2.0 from the Cateraham 620 2. Modified Xtronic 3.6l rated CVT from Nissan 3. Four in wheel motors from the PML Electric Mini QED It will be called the Super mini nissan, or SMINI, and it will be awesome.
the problem is, that nerds believe to save the world with more tech in bigger cars. The answer to fuel saving is more and more of less and less. Less weight, less speed, less hp.
Bart Viaene
@worf2 : True. That's why I drive a SANDMAN bike or a TWIKE whenever I can, and a Toyota LandCruiser when I must.
Siegfried Gust
Nairda, Yeah, after the capacitors are discharged your "only" left with 300hp. worf2, The only way that low power, low velocity, small vehicles will become mainstream is if it's government mandated. I don't see that happening in the US.