I think it is really cool. It seems rather slow for such a vehicle. I think it could go faster, perhaps use a fuel cell for added range and added speed.
Wow, we could ride this thing legally without a tag or insurance here in Florida where 5 hp motors on trikes are not against the law! I want one!
American laws will declare this to be a motorcycle because it has less than four wheels. Special licenses will be needed, and the driver will be required to wear a helmet. Few drivers will accept this.
Ian Mitko
@Eddie. Do you need a helmet to ride a motorcycle in Kansas? Have all three wheeled cars been classified as motorcycles? Do you think a 5hp motor will require a motorcycle license?
Someone has to develope a temperature control suit so people can ride their electric bike in all weather conditions. Besides, you can park a bike anywhere not like all these mini ev's that don't fit in with our driving and parking style in North America. Even the smart car is a bust here. Cars and electric bikes work, just keep them away from each other.
Leonard Foster Jr
if priced over 8k it will fail in the states
I have seen a lot of these lease/share/rent experimental vehicles being tested, but I have never heard a user claiming that is the solution they want, and I have yet to see any sort of satisfaction survey from people who have used such a system. Also, the test is in Japan which has different cultural norms for the treatment of public property, I think conditions would be different here in Australia. The condition of the interior of those vehicles on the morning after Grand Final Night would be a real test of the lease/share/rent system.
Brendan Dunphy
Very cool and would work well in civilised countries with cities not originally designed for cars such as those found in Europe!
@Brendan I'm not sure if you're talking about the "cities" or the "cars" "found in Europe" ? One way or the other, sitting in seats, which do not allow standing on the pegs like motorbikes, in a small-wheeled, relatively short-wheelbased vehicle you'll need a decent road surface to drive this on. Perhaps like the roads found in parts of Europe ?
@Mitko, Each state has different laws. In Connecticut, you do not need a helmet now, but you might need to carry one with you to ride to another state. An engine with a displacement greater than 50cc requires a license. And yes, a car must have four wheels.