Ed Campbell
Yes, I know we need more campaigns to get charging station around town; but, Toyota needs another bump to match the average Stateside commute.
Roundtrip for an errand to town = 24 miles. With nothing added to the errand. I'd certainly consider one of these if it had a 40-50 mile range.
Galen Sjostrom
With an 18 mile one-way commute but easy access to an outlet at both my home and work, the 30 mile range on a single charge would actually be fine for me so long as that range holds up under regular highway operation. I could definitely see the appeal of one of these since 85% of my driving is straight to work and back, with occasional small errand detours on the way.
Hope this isn't just another example of Motor Show-centric vaporware!
Bob Ehresman
28 mph top speed? This gadget is dead on arrival outside of Japan. They need to at least double that. The 30 mile range is miserable too. If they bill it as a bike it should go like a bike. Even 100cc scooters are faster then that.
I am following the Lit C1 which has sensible performance specs. There is an electric cabin bike I would buy. And the self-balancing feature does away with the need for a complicated "active lean" capability.
The i-Road is another novel concept in urban transport. I agree with Ed Campbell, the 40-50 mile range is needed. There should also be an option for a scooter engine swap to increase the range using a 250 cc gasoline engine. But then, this defeats the purpose, . . . just thinking!
Massively overcomplicated, not enough range to get across town, and a overly expensive drive system. Aren't lithium batteries causing problems with the Boeing 787s?
Derek Howe
I agree with Bob, I also think Lit Motors C1 will run circles around this thing. Unfortunately (at first) they are going to cost a cool 25k.
Martin Hone
Mike, I can see the benefits of such a device, if only around town. I also see it as competition for scooters and bicycles in the same environment, but I can't see it replacing motorcycles, at least not for what we use them for ...
It looks good. But, I notice in it's list of features air conditioning is conspicuously absent. In Australia you NEED air conditioning.
I don't see anything particularly world-rocking in this. It's just another concept car, one of many hundreds we've seen over the years and most of which never enter production. If Toyota had announced that they were starting full production and a marketing push in a few months, THAT would "rock the automotive world."
Well,my daily commute is around 15km each way, my modified F650CS uses 4.2 L/100kms(70 mpg)...but if when I go to my parents place it's 1060kms(Melbourne to Newcastle Australia). I can do that in a days ride,I don't think the Toyota will. And there's that wind in the face factor.....That thing may be able to find a niche market,but it's not a revolution yet Gra