How does the scope measure the cross wind?
The Abrams tank uses laser doppler measurement, but I don't see anything that looks like a laser tube on that hardware, so it's probably got a built in scintillation anemometer.
My questions are: 1. Is that price only for the scope system? 2. Must the scope system be matched to a particular weapon? 3. Is it the whole system powered up all the time, or do the bells and whistles only get turned on when needed? 4. What is the heat signature of the system? 5. Effective battery life before replacements are required.
Juan de la Cruz
That is truly amazing. Wow!
A very nice piece of kit in the right hands, the military. How are they going to prevent the gun crazies from getting their hands on it? I can't help but wonder what the DC snipers would have done with something like this.
This is a very interesting development. As long as the Army keeps training snipers to do things without any electronic aids as they do today, this will be a fine addition.
This is all well and good on a "static" target; but, what can it do with a "dynamic"(moving) one??
How does the system function against moving targets? What happens when, say, the front of the target is tagged & then he turns around? Or the view is momentarily obstructed? Must the scope system be matched to a particular weapon? In order for the trigger to be controlled by the DTS, and for the tagging button to be ergonomic, I think the answer is yes. If the DTS is successful, there's likely to be a 7.62 X 51 mm & .50 BMG guns as well. How will the system be kept from criminals & the sanity challenged? Foreign buyers will be limited by weapons tech restrictions. The price alone is a powerful deterrent. 1 possible solution would be for the Pentagon to buy the right to limit distribution.
Bruce H. Anderson
Not too many "gun crazies" with 20 large in their pockets, I would guess. And even if they had that much change, I bet there would be the Mother of all background checks going on. This will probably be limited to the military, law enforcement, and the occasional assassin.
Jerry Johnston
Well what about the hunter wanna be's, or CEO's with a guide who puts you right where the animal is and now you don't even have to be a good shot. It's not fair to the animals, if there's any left.
Wish list for V2 1.Platform will sit on a fixed tripod the user sets up in the field. Tripod will be a motorised mount linked to a portable terminal so there is no need for the user to actually touch the rifle.
2.Object tracking will look something like face tracking on a digital camera able to differentiate between object types, and able to lock on to moving targets.
3.Ammunition selector will have multiple feeds and load ammunition relevant to the target. This will be delivered either through a rotating multi-calibre barrel or single rail.
4.The unit will receive environmental information from the portable terminal and correlate satellite imagery with rifle view to shoot through smoke or fog.
5.Rifle eye will be multi-wavelength, able to lock on to targets behind objects like thin walled structures.
6.Multi-object tracking would allow such a unit to fire multiple rounds in a consecutive manner without pausing between shots to re-establish lock.