I wonder what a 'transhuman' washroom sign would have to look like.
The article speculates about extension technologies, that we could "enter a scenario where the rich get richer and live longer, while the poor get poorer and die sooner."
Yes, it's certain that the rich will get richer, but it's just as certain that the poor will be richer, too. This is the way technology works: anything we can do today, will be better and cheaper in ten years and dirt cheap in twenty. (Bought any megabytes lately? Can't, but gigabytes are 30 cents each).
As to "die sooner", why would anyone die sooner? ...unless it was from jealousy.
Jesse Kuch
Another interesting piece, Rich!
Charles S Roscoe
The Borg collective awaits your assimilation.
Nicolas Zart
No Elon, I don't "have" to. I might choose or not, but I don't have to. It's all fine and dandy and some people will want to hybridize themselves, others not. So does this need we will have more conflicts? More one side feels smarter and better than the other, or will we be OK with some embracing genetic, organic and technological manipulations? That will be interesting.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Functional muscle implants will be a hotter commodity than any of the afore mentioned items!
Bob Flint
We as humans are creating these machines, the machines do not and currently cannot create themselves. The AI has not developed to cross this point, and if it does have we as humans gone too far, not far enough, or simply put, created a new system of order through the culling of sub standard humans...
Alan Belardinelli
I am surprised that the article did not mention the Australian artist and groundbreaker in the world of human machine interface, Stelarc.
Reprogenics and trans humanism may produce super humans, but will they have as much fun?
how come we see no tesla cars (small ones for the poorer) from elon musk, is he afraid some trans-union corporation will eliminate it, I'm sure there would be no market for it; or is the focus only on those who can afford to believe that in general most of humanity is sub-human and undeserving, just like most of those who could afford it and are sub-human and undeserving. Talent for the perspicacious, not necessarily for the affordable.