Like all hubless wheels, this will have problems with sealing the bearings and faster wear from higher bearing rotation speed. If hubless wheels were at all practical, they would be on the market by now.
Silly and sad.
A bicycle is such an amazing thing because form follows function. When function takes the back seat to design for the sake of making something look different it is silly and when the item in question is something so perfect as a bike then the whole deal is just sad.
I'm all for new ideas and the later years have brought amazing tweaks to bicycles, but ignoring the laws of physics when trying to improve bicycles is a no go.
Yusuf Khan
Why not just have the basket at the side, or one at each side for better weight distribution (and that gives me a good idea for a DIY addition.) Also this wheel would make a too costly product and ruins the amazing "magic" of a hubless wheel.
Smitty Jl
Or simply wear the "Back" pack on your back as it was designed to be and take a vacation with the money you save.
Paul Adams
Not the finished article but might inspire something good in the future, nice try.
Whilst it is sometimes necessary to carry luggage alongside the front wheel, eg on long-distance touring bike, the bulk of the luggage is always carried on the rear of the bike, as this has much less of an effect on handling and stability.
Putting all of the weight of luggage over the front tyre is silly, and is compounded by the fact that the front wheel is effectively a solid disc, meaning that it will be adversely affected by wind, not to mention airflow from large urban vehicles such as buses and lorries.
So basically, not fit for purpose.
This is a gigantically bad idea as laughable as the spoof of Eddie Bauer some years ago proposing "Front Packs" to match up with backpacks for camping. BTW, there were reports of bumkins actually trying to buy some of them new front packs.
Nelson Hyde Chick
Cool, but I would hate to fix a flat, it must be a pain to do so.
Nice looking bike! However, I must agree with the other comment. Whoever designed the bike has never ridden disk-type wheels, ever! As an experienced Time-Trialest who has raced outdoors with racing disk wheels, I can tell you that the slightest bit of wind can cause the rider to lose complete control when using a front disk. This is the "steerer" front and adding saddle bags to the front causes even a greater percentage of the rider going down. The "Hubless" wheel can be made where air can flow through like some of the more aerodynamic carbon fiber wheels being used right now. Unless you are racing against the clock, who wants to concentrate so much on steering that you lose focus on where you are going or if you are going to get there! Back to the drawing board for tweaking the front wheel and moving the weight/bags to another location.
Bruce H. Anderson
Either the Noomad and S-Cargo would be my preference. An interesting exercise though.