Todd Dunning
Now that\'s a really cool idea and a great execution. It answers a need, is an easy to deploy solution and it\'s new and unique.
Best of all it doesn\'t have green leaf logos on the side, have an \'Eco\' in the name, or mention the word \'carbon footprint\' - all ways to insult the intelligence of customers.
Water is flown in? Or do you use fuel to melt snow?
Poisonally, I\'d rather live in something with bits of green on the outside instead of looking like a circus clown car.
Denis Klanac
Looks like they stole the idea from the movie Avatar.
Shane Holborn
Anthony Parkerwood
It would be even better if it could fly and float.
Stamping a boot in the face of nature! What\'s wrong with tents? What\'s wrong with being guests in the wilderness. Isn\'t this for people who\'s be better of remaining in security of their mansions?
Belinda Contague
What keeps it from rolling down the mountain? And how does it fare in an avalanche?
Babs Anthony
I can use this in a desert environment.
Johann Rissik
This p.o.s. indicates how far wrong some humans have gone.
William H Lanteigne
Trying to see how this is radically different from the conventional mobile home or travel trailer- minus the wheels and suspension, of course.