Todd Dunning
\"Treepods would also encourage interaction and learning, displaying augmented reality information about the decarbonization process or more general educational information.\"

Why not just put an LSD dispenser out in the park so the same hippies can dance around in eco-induced joy? Obviously a lot of them are in Boston with lots of extra money and time on their hands.

Has it become suddenly cool to come up with the most idiotic nonsense as long as it is eco-themed? Objects like this, with no value or utility whatsoever seem to popping up, justified by including the word \'carbon\' somewhere in the description.

There are so many other great inventions on gizmag with serious application value, but don\'t have a chance without a leaf-shaped logo to appeal to the sub-80 IQ trendies.
I agree. What an absolute waste of space and time. REMOVING carbon dioxide from the AIR???? So all the CO2 that trees and every living organism on earth EXHALE will be reabsorbed by these gizmos??? What a CROC
Denis Klanac
paulgo: trees intake c02 from the air and pump out oxygen as a waste product which is what we need to exist. I think this idea is like those useless Japanese ideas that just don\'t make any sense at all and will never see the light of day.
My advice to these inventors is if they want to reduce carbon, plant some trees and tell industry to stop chopping them down!
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The point of these trees is perhaps to collect CO2!

Not just capture it slowly in a tree.

C)2 is mostly produced in cities and if you want to cpature it it makes sense to do this where its made.

In the future we might be using Co2 to create FUEL from Solar dishes that split water H20 and then recombine the H\" with CO2 to create a BioDiesel.

If this does take off then collecting CO2 will be part of that process.
These trees might well be the part of the fuel of the future.

Like the initial idea of using resin and then water to collect it.
There would need to be a method of getting the CO2 out of the water and compressing it for transport.
Might take too much energi, so it would be better to have these trees in amongst the solar dishes in the dessert.

Perhaps there could be a dual function.. Perhaps they could collect dew and store or drain it into the ground. maybe there could be a real tree growing in the centre. Like an OAk or Giant Red Wood..

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Robert Walther
Why not just put an LSD dispenser out in the park so the same hippies can dance around in eco-induced joy? Obviously a lot of them are in Boston with lots of extra money and time on their hands.
I would not live in Boston for any reason, but it is good to see that even a hide bound, grunting, luddite curmudgeon understands the value of LSD.

Mark Dixon
So, this concept has what advantages over planting real trees? I mean, if someone wants to put up a few of these as art as you would with a statue or sculpture, I see no problem with that but, to promote them as a way to make a serious dent in CO2 in a city while simply planting more real, living trees would do a much better job for a much lower price and with far better aesthetics, seems poorly thought out at best.
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So- we are going to spend tens of thousands of dollars creating artificial trees to feed off Co2???Just plant the REAL THING for heavens sake! They will do a far better job and need far less maintenance, never break down and not cost an arm and leg to maintain...what a waste of time and money so someone can \"feel good\" about technology...
wtf!?!?!?.....soooo dumb.....and UGLY!!! Just plant trees for pity sake. Reminds me of the lyrics from Joni Mitchell....\"pave paradise, put up a parking lot\"
Todd Dunning
rgwalther, glad you\'re happy about the LSD part - but the word \'luddite\' applies to those who hate technology.

And what better definition of a luddite than right here - to harness technology to do something profanely useless? Here we have a designer who is so luddite he can\'t even figure out forward-thinking applications, unlike the rest of gizmodo articles.

Since I\'m a \'curmudgeon\' for pointing out this little detail, I prefer that to being a trendoid greenie to whom \'technology\' is defined only by its eco-political correctness.