I guess one solution is to cut energy consumption. Increased use of LED lighting would save a lot of energy. Carbon capture in power stations should be improved. Stop wasting heat energy with cooling towers!
As CO2 has no significant effect on climate, the CO2 absorption by trees is of no consequence, however, their cooling effect on the climate is. So reclamation of desert areas by planting trees would be entirely beneficial. In addition the land reclaimed would also be useful for crop growing, within the forested areas, by providing shade, and compost for food plants.
This article is much friendlier to the scientific research about the planting of more trees than others I have read recently where the global warming scammers are totally offend by the idea that anything but carbon taxes and more government control is the ONLY answer.
IMHO, if all the forests humanity destroyed since the beginning of industrial age (fossil fuel usage), were still in place, there would not be Global Warming problem today, for sure!
IMHO, restoring forests of Earth is the only realistic & practical solution for Global Warming!
& definitely NOT extremely dangerous & costly geoengineering schemes suggested!
& neither many new techs which are too far from any chance of practical large scale application!
(Trying to reduce all kinds of fossil fuel usage also would help obviously but IMHO it is NOT the main solution!)
Interesting. CO2 is not the reason for global climate change, and neither is Joe Sixpack If there is any abnormal global climate change going on, one does not have to look further than the military use of the atmosphere as a mechanism for creating and using weather as a weapon.
Would planing more trees help? Of course. Would stopping the use of chemtrail sprays and HAARP weather controls help? Of course.
As far as I know, plant nurseries still use CO2 generators to help their plants grow. That should tell us 1) CO2 is not a climate problem, and 2) that there may not be enough CO2 in the regular atmosphere.
So, now that organized government, via the military, is able to control our environment, we should be asking why the government is using weather as a weapon, rather than creating nirvana for earth's animal and plant life.
Planting trees is a short term patch, not ever a solution. Trees have a life time and then they die (I live in a forest) and the dead tree gives back all the carbon it captured while it was alive.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
It's a good thing they excluded the desserts! Irrigating the desert is the WORST thing you can do if you are worried about global warming. Increasing the path length water over the desert raises the morning low and the afternoon wet bulb around 10 deg. F. Evaporative cooling is also a major contributor. The desert is actually pretty cold, with morning lows and afternoon wet bulbs being around 50 deg. F in the summer. The thermal energy is radiated away to a cold (dry) sky. A world with few plants (an ice age) has a temperature of around freezing.
Nelson Hyde Chick
Of course they did not include the new farmland needed to accommodate the billions more we are going to ad to humanity this century.
Of course its not just planting trees but creating an ecosystem. A forest is not just about the plant life but also the animal life. IMO the real diversity in that environment is the animal life. It's an environment so complex that is as complex above ground, and probably even more so below ground. The destruction of a forest is a tragedy that we cannot conceptualize.
Don Duncan
The growasis will grow a tree anywhere a tree grew naturally. It waters and shelters the sapling for as long as it needs.