Awesome breakthrough!
So not only does solar eliminate CO2 production in the production of energy but it can be used to eliminate CO2 production in the burning of fossil fuels. Long live solar!
Maybe it works on Venus and Mars,... But keep it to the natural photosynthesis on earth. We do not need only fuel. We need good tasting and healthy food as well.
This labours under the assumption that atmospheric CO2 is harmful. However, there are no credible empirical studies that demonstrate it causes global temperatures to increase, only lab tests. Over the last 40 years there ought to be hundreds, if not thousands of studies, but there are none. The only meaningful observation of the effect of increased CO2 was when NASA studied 30 years of satellite data and found the planet has greened by 14%. Nothing, even collectively, in the portfolio of predicted climate disasters comes close to the observed benefit of CO2.
Excellent, though CO2 is NOT "harmful" (ask plants !)
Anne Ominous
It seems to me that planting a few trees would perform the same function at a much lower expense.
Vernon Miles Kerr
This might explain the reports of ETs wearing micro-fine metallic body suits but having no eliminatory orifices. Having mastered this technology eons ago, they have evolved away from eating. ;)
Tim Craig
So if you create a fuel from carbon dioxide, when you burn it it will presumably give off carbon dioxide? Is that sustainable|?
Many thanks to DreadUK and watersworm!
''.. breaking the C02 into two reduced forms of carbon, formate and formamides, ...'' . Formate and formamide are described accurately neither as 'reduced forms of carbon' not as 'the products of breaking CO2. As an example, consider formate HCO2-. Notice CO2 is not broken, remaining intact. A hydrogen atom has been gained, presumably from atmospheric H2O unless hydrogen is also being supplied.....so some other molecule is broken, but not CO2. On the other hand formamide is a little more complicated often involving a reaction of CO and NH3 or similar...still not what has been described.