I like this very much and would put on my bike in a heart beat but honestly I want this on my motorcycle!
Renārs Grebežs
The revolights look cool but I\'d rather not ruin my bike rims with something like that that could break easily. I\'m @ work, so can\'t listen to the sound of the videos, though - so maybe I missed something?
Ruth Butler
What a great idea!
Gregg Eshelman
For everyone who wishes TRON lightcycles were real. ;)
Nick Herbert
Motorsickle version please...
Huckfin, I definitely agree with you about installing on a motorcycle. Any extra visibility would be great
The valve stem caps have the same effect and are much simpler and cheaper. I had something called Tireflys on my moped. The tire spins and you get the same effect as shown here for only $8. :-) You can see them at and they are available for cars and motorcycles as well.

There are other similar products out there - I just searched and found this video on youtube - - with a custom design that actually makes different patterns appear as you ride! Now THAT\'S nice!

I just don\'t see what commercial merit these other products have. Aura doesn\'t offer any features beyond the LED valve stem caps, and Revolights offers more features but at a much higher price. As DIY products or niche custom mods they are quite attractive, though.

Carlos Grados
I can\'t wait for all of this to become available here in Minneapolis. Products that are beautiful and promote safety are going to improve our lives.
I Have Monkeylectric LED\'d on my e-bike.....they are amazing!! I regularly get applause!!
My friends kids all had a cheap clip on lights on their wheels 5 years ago, that filled their wheels with a rainbow of colours. Remarkable for a cheap toy.
I found a demo video here