Given the complex motion in which to deliver the force to activate the drive mechanism just what are the specs on failure analysis?
put some VG's on those wings!!! geez make em really efficient! then they can get that system working better, I wonder if they read these comments?
Bob Flint
Too bad the noisy background music doesn't really help the cause for promoting this type of wind power generator.
Turbine typically refers to an single axial rotating device, this concept is more complex and therefore not as efficient.
Cool design can see a lot of people wanting this on their house with solar panels. ridiculous video though
if this actually works, then it would be an excellent design for a balloon tethered wind energy generator. seems like it would be much lighter than a 3 blade design. balloon lofted wind power is the ultimate in constant grid available power design.
Mike Vidal
It looks like this won't kill birds like the current energy windmills.
Interesting design, I live in the desert where there are Highwinds daily and at times excessive heat, and also concerned about longevity wear and tear etc.
David Evans
I think this might actually attract some birds - or at least confuse them.
Tim Jonson
Pitiful, hopeless, non-starter. Ok? Perhaps millennials shouldn't be allowed to be engineers. What's your next move, Anis? Flapping jet engines?
It appears to be working itself to death. I can not imagine 20m wings duplicating the 1.5m wings motions longer than 30 minutes.