Looks to me like this pod would get thrown around by the littlest waves and be unlivable. For the ridiculous price of $800K it should be many times the size and then it might be worth a look.
Bob Flint
Obviously this concept has critically underestimated the power requirements of the fantasy style interior complete with what looks like a three burner stove. Is this to boil sea water, because the few plants you have growing on deck will not sustain anyone for very long, maybe the red mailbox? should be a bird trap to catch something to eat and use a solar oven to cook instead...
I wonder how quickly that beautiful bottom will take to be completely covered with barnacles.
The pod and deck level should rotate independently of each other. The pod would be stable while the deck moves up and down according to the wave action.
Stability is going to be a seasickness inducing nightmare. A smaller version of the Flip Ship https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RP_FLIP (without the need to flip) makes much more sense. Add a floating donut collar coil around the center tube to generate power from wave action while feeling little effects of the wave motion in the house above.
Stephen N Russell
Needs wave guards & shuttleboat to shore & comm to shore. & can semi submerge for storms? Test off Catalina Island CA, HI, Mexico Pacific, Caribbean, Med Sea, Australia
Island Architect
This is a delightful idea. And it is a nice clean design.
But you need to achieve at least 7mph to keep from being dragged away in a large river. I'm not so sure that being out to sea would be a great idea with this design. There appear to be no fenders of any sort and surely there would be times when they would be crucial.
Now isn't this something... they could put on quite a show for the Mermaids.
Charles Barnard
This could easily and cheaply be built using ferrocement technology as used by Monolithic Domes. It also needs to be able to withstand being submerged.
In one design I made, it rests on the ground most of the time, but can float in flooding.
Anchored offshore, it could be winched below the water to avoid damage during storms.
Move around the world in one? Not me.
Matt Fletcher
This is nice looking and good for docking in rivers or small lakes but terrible for open sea. Yeah I see people mentioning semi-submerge for storms but then what happens to your gardens. Also the deck would be slapped around by even the smallest waves and have your garden flooded most of the time. Big waves would use the deck as a surf board and pull most anchors out. Still fun design for rivers or lakes.
Pierre Collet
The SeaOrbiter project is much more accomplished: http://seaorbiter.com/medias/plaquette-pdf/