Anyone on a low carb diet knows exactly why this is.
What about the chewing and digestion process of the food? Is it possible that the less processed food takes more time to chew, literally more chewing effort, and hence individuals are satisfied with a lesser volume of food? Hank
Amazing - who would have thought a meal consisting of quesadillas, refried beans, sour cream, pizza, and 5 margaritas would have provided suboptimal nutrition? ;-)
A simple explanation is that all accustomed to eating ultra processed junk food since many years are quite less tempted by unprocessed good food so that they eat quite less what seems to them quite less pleasant !!
While it is true that almost all food is processed, I do not consider the food I prepare (process) at home as such.
At the end of the day, if you've been sensible enough not too eat too much of either foods, the processed variety is probably tastier, which may tempt one to eat more. There's also a whole lot of additives in P foods to make the eating experience seem better, as well as increasing the shelf life. The big food corps go out of their way to create new formulas for the public to (over)consume.
I agree with the researcher that people are probably eating processed food faster. You are done eating before you realize you are full. Taking a break before 2nds and drinking water is a good strategy for this reason.
Kelly Ray
Duh, processed food just tastes better, so I'd expect the average person to eat more of it. You want 3 apples or 3 slices of pizza?
I read where there are over 80,000 additives that Big Fooda put in our food but only about 6 of them are regulated. I'll bet you'll never get any of our beloved food processors to admit to what they add to our food.
Test the commercially processed food for chemicals which don't exist in the unprocessed food. Then test them to see if any added to the unprocessed food causes people to eat more and gain weight.
I know, I know, it is inconceivable that Capitalists would add something to food which would make people buy more food. But if -I- were looking for the reason why this happens, it is where -I- would look first.
Big Foods ‘for greedy profit’ has killed more people with processed and counterfeit food items than both world wars and all worldwide terrorist attacks combined. Just Google ‘the Swiss milk study’ or the ‘Harvard milk study’, you will find that drinking more than three cups of PASTEURIZED milk has the mortality rate comparable to smoking three packs of cigarettes a day and with a hip-replacement thrown in. Even a cow would not drink that swill. All pasteurized foods and juices have been sterilized to prolong shelf life. This denatures the protein and destroys nearly all nutrition. You do not even want to know (but you should) what those nuggets are really made from. They no longer qualify as food. Everyone except an uneducated, near retarded and ignorant person knows what fried foods do. Drive-throughs are responsible for more deaths than drive by’s. If a terrorist wish to maim kill and hurt Americans all they need do is open a fast food restaurant. The F.D.A. may have started out as a competent research establishment but is now an obsolete deep state throwback to the cold-war era and should redirect their priorities away from politics and promoting the marijuana war and before they allow big foods to kill everyone off.