By definition, emergencies happen at unexpected moments. But at least you can prepare for sundown with these UltraBright 500-Lumen Tactical Military Flashlights. These compact lights are seriously powerful and built to last. For this week only, you can grab a two-pack for just $14.99 via New Atlas Deals.

They may be small, but these rugged flashlights were made for adventure. Constructed from aircraft aluminum, they are perfect for spelunking, and climbing after dark. With a range of one mile, you can easily see into the distance. Thanks to the adjustable zoom, you can focus on distant details or focus on what's right in front of you with detail.

The UltraBright lights have two brightness settings and a wide working voltage. You can get hours of illumination from one AA battery, and SOS mode can get you out of trouble. Aside from night-time adventures, these lights are great for keeping in your car. You even get a hard storage case to keep them safe.

Worth $100, the two-pack is now just $14.99 — that's further reduced from the original sale price of $32.99, for this week only.