Two Replies
How is this new? With the exception of the shoe-clip (which isn't the focus of the claim, and when INCLUDED makes them FAR from the world's lightest), this "pedal" is pretty much the exact same as what I had on my banana-seat bike in the 80's after the pedals broke.
Tony Johnson
This is a direct rip off of Aero Sport pedals of the 80s and 90s. Their's were a lot easier to get in and out, step or twist. I as a RR and Crit rider have a couple pairs still and they are lighter than these. In racing conditions this movement will mean you end up on the road or worse., with these new(wink wink) pedals.
The Hoff
How the heck are you going to walk on those shoes? and after using other brands that all release the same way for 20 years I would not switch to a different way to get out. I would never be able to relearn and it would be dangerous not worth the 50 grams of savings.
Looks like we read the article differently. Not sure how you can say the total weight does not include the "shoe-clip". The article clearly states "The weight... ...consisting of two pedals and two cleats". To me that means the whole package. These look pretty neat and would love to give them a try. But that said, I agree. if in regular shoes it would be just like riding on spindles and that would be no fun!
Chris Coffey
Looks like walking round in clipless shoes just got a lot harder too
I don't quite understand how you get the cleats on your shoes? Do you screw them into the soles? $315 to save a few grams?
Joshua Stafford
They're not new. Apart from the release mechanism they look almost exactly like Aerolite pedals which have been around since at least the early 90s when I was racing. The problem is they don't sell in the mass market so finding information on them is rather difficult.
I think Aerolite ( might disagree with their claim of lightest in the world. They claim their pedals with cleats are under 100 grams per pair. I still have a pair of steel axle Aerolites from about 25 years ago in my spare parts box and they feel plenty light despite not having the titanium axles of current models. Then again, I paid about $70 for those, which sure beats a few hundred. @Two Replies, Could you go all-out sprint in a sprint with your "pedals"? Could you even pedal with the balls of your feet? I didn't think so.
@Two Relies. That's exactly what I was thinking. Then your foot would slip off all the time and rip your shin not to mention the pain in the arch of your foot. Let's hope they don't invent the airless tire that we just called a 'flat.'
@Rkt9: You always screw bike cleats to the sole/underside of your bike shoes. This is reagrdsless if the pedals used are SPD, Look/Time, Eggbeater.... I would be worried about the release method - all the other clipless systems I know of releases when you twist and that seems more natural to me. I have never been in a crash where I wasn't released from the pedals and the thought of staying stuck to the bike has me thinking of all sorts of injuries.