I believe we could do it even sooner,Eventually every surface of every man made structure will generate electricity.Any thing that moves will be able to generate electricity.Your shoes,arm movements,swinging doors,windows,etc could generate electricity.Lets cut the cord on fossil fuel abuse.
Noel K Frothingham
Who's gonna pick up the tab, godscountry?
More pilitically correct waste of tax payer dollars.
The AGW lie has been unveiled by the IPCCs own data compilation - and acknowledged as such by pro AGW websites claiming a 15 year hiatus has been found in AGW.
Google "Game Over the IPCC quietly admits defeat."
Also - better do some checking into thos wind turbines - all the installed ones that do not operate 24/7 are backed up with diesel generators to keep the the supply going. In effect they save nothing. More government payoffs is what they amount to.
Dud DuPont ever finally find a lubricant for these turbines that would last without need for expensive, frequent replacing?
Modern man - the media marionettes.
In fact....it could have been an accepted policy of this country ( and success would have it spread globally, as many successes of the U.S. have done ) for 1/2 a century except for intrenched plutocrats blocking the way. The concept of limitless energy, and therefor virtually limitless wealth for all the inhabitants of the U.S. ( Earth ) , is anathema to the controlling elite. Even after this miraculous report and road map.....I fear it will never happen.
Astro Rosaire
When people say we need to go completely renewable, it makes me cringe for the people in China
Wind has its own drawbacks, including killing many endangered birds of prey because the winds that make great power sources are the same winds that these fowl love cruise and hunt. Not to mention their life cycle is shorter than originally anticipated.
Remember folks, every energy generation source will have its problems, the question to ask is how do we minimize our energy environmental footprint? There's been great success in nuclear fuel recycle. In fact, the volume of waste from an average family of four can fit in the palm of your hand.
Kevin Ritchey
Good luck with trying to get ANY of that even considered with the GOP being backed by huge corporate oil and gas constituents. We'll stay in the stone age until we cut their leashes and halt their lobbying. One of many reasons Obama's aims were thwarted, along with poor management and oversight. It doesn't even pay to be optimistic while they throw a wrench into every mechanism at advancement. In fond memory of Tesla!
Bruce H. Anderson
The plan for heavy transport will be interesting. Electrifying the railroads will be expensive, but feasable. Heavy trucks would run on hydrogen, and I assume that means either combustion engines or fuel cells. Gonna be pricey.
Wow, only ".5% of any one states land" mass would be needed. What does that mean? Only .5% of say Rhoad Island or just over 6 square miles? or maybe Alaska at only 3,316.5 square miles. Or is it .5% of every state? Gee that's only 19,030 square miles. Doesn't seam very realistic to me at all. The country is moving to renewable power sourses, but let's not do it at a cripleing pace.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
This is asking for an enormous increase in infrastructure in a a climate of ever more increasing construction difficulty.
Gene Preston
Mark Jacobson has yet to model grid reliability. This means calculating the Loss of Load Probability each day. The sum of these daily LOLP's is the LOLE or loss of load expectation and the industry standard has been about 0.1 days per year, i.e. sum of LOLP probabilities about 0.1 for the year. I have successfully modeled the Texas system called ERCOT with 100% renewables with no fossil fuels burned and meeting the LOLE=0.1 requirement. Assuming the ERCOT system has a peak demand of 71119 MW, to achieve 100% wind and solar power will require 68 GW wind, 76 GW solar, and 50 GW storage with 14 days energy at full power. This displaces 69264 MW of fossil fuel capacity. Unfortunately that amount of storage would cost about 6600 billion dollars. We could use considerably less storage but the amount of natural gas burned rapidly rises. You can find more details of my analysis at http://egpreston.com/100percentrenewables.pdf .