I find it intriguing that we place such credence on calculations that are based on light that was emitted so long ago and has traveled such great distances. Esp. considering the self-admitted factor of uncertainty (in terms of the percentage of the unknown portion of all matter & energy) placed at 95%! The picture that we're seeing of the universe is so distorted and time-shifted that to make any wild-ass-guess based on our observation is sheer folly! Uncertainty to 1%? Whatever, puny humans.
The Singularity approaches.
Robert Walther
For SHOES that's quite a feat...
@MzunguMkubwa Sorry, the steamroller has been rolling for a long time. Gotta stick with main theories now. Too many education books printed, too many science articles written by men gifted with big egos, too many reputations on the line, Nobel Prizes given out. You with your questions are just being anti-science. A "denier"!
I have this notion that human concepts such as size or age are in fact as applicable to concepts such as "the Universe" as are properties such as colour or taste. Size and age are concepts of the middle dimensions that we humans inhabit, and become progressively less relevant as the magnitudes of - umm... shall we say phenomena? - become progressively removed from the magnitudes with which we are familiar, see quantum theory for example. I am not convinced that "the Universe" is X times larger than the screen of my computer monitor, or has been around Y times longer than it takes me to drink a cup of coffee.
I been saying for awhile now, they got it right when they given out example that envisioned Universe expanding like Balloon. If the Earth is a sphere, planets and stars, so can Universe! No beginning, just goes round and round but it's too big to notice. And guess what....see a pattern here...designed. Even tiny bubbles are round! It's truly mistake human attempting to guess their ways to solve something that are million if not billions years problems. But we still see diseases, hunger, famine, wars that aren't fix but should be.
Oh as a follow up, not only are we balloon Universe we are being projected and played like video on your protector to your wall. Don't want to know when balloon burst!
Douglas Bennett Rogers
How can we tell the difference between the CMB and the surface of a black hole?
Christopher Nigel Phillips
A Big assumption upon which the entire Big Bang edifice is built relies on Red-Shift as a measure of speed/ distance. What if red-shift is indicating a another property of galactic objects, ie their energy levels? This was noted by astronomer Halton Arp in his book of galaxy observations - Seeing Red ( Then the shape, size and 'expansion' of the universe could be completely different!
The universe is a matter/anti-matter explosion in progress.