Good to know, but that's still 126,000,000,000,000km
I like the name!
Kaido Tiigisoon
I doubt in habitability of this planet. Being so close to inner border of habitable zone and being so massive means that planet has thick atmosphere with high pressure and high temperature. Thus making it more like Venus than like Earth.
Habitable to who or what? With a mass 4.3 times earth, it would take a fantastically strong creature just to move around. Landing and takeoff on such a planet would be nearly impossible. The atmosphere would be very dense and compressed near the surface. Tectonic activity and radiation from such a close star would be extreme. That's not my definition of habitable.
Howard Pieratt
I didn't think red dwarf stars were so cool that an 18-day orbit would be considered habitable.
Imagine the gravity, I'm sure it is not habitable for us...
When you start looking for life, yeah maybe, but looking for a suitable habitat for us will be a lot more complicated than just finding rock, water and air we can breathe.
That's great! So close!I think I'll book a flight.
The mass of the planet does not mean the SURFACE gravity is that much greater. A planet with the 8x the mass of earth has a surface gravity of only 1.4x+. A planet’s surface gravity is mass divided by the radius squared. That is, SG=M/R^2.
Wow, only 82 trillion miles away. If our fastest space probe were launched when the pyramids were built, it still wouldn't be half way to this "neighbor".
How much stronger is the surface gravity?