This would be impressive if done on solar power. On battery, it's underwhelming and more than anything else a reflection of the fact that no one else bothered to try for a record under the artificial conditions imposed by the FIA.
Jeff King
That's not far off from what a stock Tesla Model S can do, so it begs the question... How would a modified Model S (stripped, lightened, regeared) do in a similar test?
How would it have done if you added a bag of groceries?
How long does it take to charge the battery? A quick charge will greatly shorten the life of the battery pack. I would guess a normal charge might be over night or 9 to 13 hours. I can drive my race car at speeds mich greater, refill the tank, get 4 tires and get back on the track in about 12 seconds.
Dave Andrews
Um... Can't the Tesla model S do this? Heck, its regular rated distance is 300 with the bigger battery.
Tommy Hickok
did i walk into the wrong dimension the record for an electric vehicle if this is correct is 3 miles slower than the one Nicola Tesla modified to electric the pierce arrow a cast aluminum body frame vehicle
Stu...would that be the under 500kg, 500km record set by the GM Sunraycer in 1988 in the solar & electric catergories, according to the FIA website? Ed...yes a world record is underwhelming... many batteries will you take out to get a Tesla S under 500kg? long is a piece of string? has solar panels to charge the 60kg battery - you wouldn't have to stop for even 12 seconds for expensive fuel & expensive tyres! it can't - 283 miles @ 60 mph with 1323lb battery pack, (ten times the size of the record car - 132.3lbs), you are from another dimension where that car might actually have existed!
Again, this bloody obsession with speed!
Tony Morris
Yep. 100km/hr (60 mph) faster than any mgb.
What's the matter with speed? This is the 21st century I want to get to my destination with all do haste I don't understand this obsession with speed hating, stay off the roads if you don't want people going fast around you?