Joel Detrow
It's amazing how many times important discoveries have been made by accident!
Gregg Eshelman
Some of the biggest discoveries have come from failed experiments.
In 1856, William Henry Perkin, 18 years old, was challenged by his professor to come up with a way to synthesize quinine for treating malaria.
While cleaning the glassware with alcohol after a failure, he noticed it turned a brilliant shade of purple. Having kept notes of the process he was able to duplicate the result, launching the synthetic color industry with 3-amino-2,±9-dimethyl-5-phenyl-7-(p-tolylamino)phenazinium acetate.
Andrew Zuckerman
Micro thong pads
The Skud
I'm with Andrew - this material will almost overnight revolutionise the tampon and lady-pad industry! As an 'older' man (think prostate) it would also be ideal for us, easily made into a concealable liner for jocks or boxer shorts. More power to the 'accidental genius'!
Romaine Spence
Scientific progress goes "boink". :-)
Bob Stuart
Finally, an area comparison we can all relate to - the sails on our megayachts! It is nice to have a break from all those supercar articles, too. Who needs more than half a dozen ?
I just hope that the kitty litter filler is produced from used drug delivery material, rather than the other way around.
Should make a effective water filter as well.
Will I be able to get rid on my not-so-user-friendly dehumidifier down in the basement? Will they make a 'brick' of this miracle for me to use instead?
Can it be used to store heat or hydrogen? I would like to store the heat of summer to be used in winter and the reverse cheaply.