Why cant they use cold thrusters to arrest a fall to the ground, surely theres room for it, then a parachute can be used for higher levels..?
Martin Winlow
Your "death zone" could be covered by the addition of some compress gas rocket thrusters. If Tesla is going to manage to fit them to the new Roadster it seems conceivable that they would be feasible here, too.
Outstanding News ! ! I just can't get enough of this machine it looks so good ! The whole body with those beautiful fans integrated into one sleek looking package....! ! ! ! Brilliant !!!!
Yes, Kalavo and Martin Winlow said it right, some sort of compressed cold thrusters in order to address the death zone that has been holding up development of these air cars for years.
Crankie Fahrt
Kalavo - Right on. I was thinking exactly the same thing before I got to the comment section.
Really no different than SpaceX and, uh, the other guy...(brain fart - sorry!). Just a matter of scale and composition. I mean, C4 would be a bad dry-explosive to use LOL.
But yes - built in, 1-time Thrusters to fire, say, 15ft above ground (as passengers are not protected from high-G's in an upright sitting position) and at least slow it down to a soft "crunch" speed. Let the insurance company sort it out with the living survivors.
Crankie Fahrt
Just wondering - after looking carefully at ALL the photo's, I have no idea how they shoe-horned a pair of 1,000SHP engines. I mean, there is not even room for a small 500 Watt power generator, never mind 2 turboshaft engines.
Perhaps they have found a way to shrink the motors?
Idle curiosity and logical puzzles make me squirrel a lot, and this is one of them.
By 2022 these things will be sorted out. Technology progression is thriving.
I'm worried for the pedestrians and cyclists being exposed to the propwash/jetwash these flying cars would produce. Not to mention the double parking (in 3D) that is sure to follow. Flying cars are still far too impractical for our current cityfare.
I think even a helicopter has a death zone of 100 feet. Takes some time to auto-rotate.
Wouldn't the rotor wash be real annoying to those pedestrians on the sidewalk nearby as one of those things lifts off?