3 feet wide, it won't be allowed on US bike lanes. Maybe Europe's laws are different in that regard?
It doesn't really need 4wheels, 3 would do. 2 at the front, one at the rear.
Hardly protected from the elements. I'm not sure what the point of that "door" is.
Michael son of Lester
They are too big for bike paths or sidewalks, and on the roads they are too small and slow. Picture being in one of these when a guy comes up behind you with a Ford F150. A guy late for a meeting and he can't get around you because of oncoming traffic. Can you say road rage? Drive one of these on a busy street and you can expect to be eaten alive. Oh, and this is also true in Europe.
Certainly not car like comfort with those hard seats. You will roast in the sun and freeze in the cold. Getting half wet with the open sides isn't much better than getting all wet on a regular bike. Pedaling any heavy electric bike with a dead battery is gruesome and they don't weigh 150 lbs. Everyone I know with an electric bike has given them up after a few months and the novelty wears off. $9,000 should almost buy a nice electric car not a four wheeled bicycle. Are you going to have to park on the street or a bike rack???
There are no consistent rules regarding ebikes much less this type of pedal assist vehicle. I think most bike riders would be pretty putoff dealing with this in a bike lane.
Lee Bell
250 watts? That thing doesn't even have enough power to get out of it's own way! What's the max speed? about 10 mph? Maybe? Only on a flat surface? It is nice looking though for what it is but it definitely needs more power. I would be afraid to even try to cross the street in that.
Lee Miller
250 watts is crazy LOW power. I have an ebike mountain bike with an electric mid drive motor with 1500 watts and it decently powered. It is not powerful by any means at 1500 watts. But this little car with 250 is going to be as powerful as a baby stroller. You'd be far better off with (2) mid drive motors on each rear wheel which would yield 3,000 watts. It would be a 3,000 watt pedal assist baby e-car. Anything less is a slug.
Glen Aldridge
You missed the most obvious competitor to the City Q with Formula Racing in it's DNA - . With Honda, Toyota & worldwide shipping companies already putting these on our roads, the days of sitting in traffic jams or not being able to find a parking spot means people will have a sensible choice riding these in city centers.
Interesting but the roads and bike lanes in Europe must wildly different than in the US... to tolerate this too small/slow for road use, whilst also too wide for polite bike lane/path use, vehicle.

In the US, this vehicle would be relegated to closed communities with paved golf cart paths.