insane pricing, ugly design ?
Jack Woodburn
That's gotta be a very hot ride in the summertime. And it's just a matter of time until these velomobiles become more regulated and "licensed" given their assisted speeds.
Douglas Rogers
I really think the lean-to turn trike is a lot better platform, as it is much harder to blow over. It doesn't say if this has regenerative braking and proportional assist. These would be "must haves" at the advertised price.
Exactly what's needed so it fails commercially.
Bruce H. Anderson
Three points define a plane, so a tadpole design may have been a better choice. Some thought regarding aerodynamics would have been nice.
Heck no for 20k, geez...
Good idea, comical price.
DryCycle Ltd
Hi Guys, I'm Andy from DryCycle ltd. Thanks for reading about us, and thanks to Ben and New Atlas for writing an article about our new vehicle. I'll try to quickly address some of the comments you've made, also the FAQ section on our website is very comprehensive. So we have 4 wheels instead of 3 as it is inherently more stable, which is important in a taller vehicle like ours. We don't have regenerative braking as it's a Shimano E8000 mid motor so has a freewheeling and cant be used to charge the battery under braking, but it does have proportional assistance and boost modes for the motor. You can vent the canopy easily in summer time, use the fans, or just remove the canopy altogether with quick release quarter turn fixings. It would take a very strong wind to blow a DryCycle over, so that really needn't be a concern, its heavy at 120kg, which the motor overcomes quite nicely. At 15mph aerodynamics are not much of an influence but of course we did shape the vehicle as aerodynamically as reasonably possible. We were far more concerned with comfort, reliability, ease of maintenance (it can be tilted onto it back) and safety. We've had it crash tested by Millbrook Testing Grounds here in the UK and it did really well, here's a video
Thanks for your interest :)
Gyula Bognar
For that much money, one can buy a very good used car. Stupid idea, unless the price is only slightly higher than a regular bicycle. U$1,500.00 would be acceptable.
Kevin Ritchey
Price is insane as are the (lack of) aerodynamics. Cow tipping making a return?