It seems the two extremities stations are at ground level, not underground and with pedestrian passageways to leave them. And there is only 12 vehicles currently.
Suppose you miss your stop, does this mean you have go around the complete loop again before you reach it? Surely a two-way system might be more practical for the users.
4400 passengers per hour is about I passenger per second. So you could get the same result (with less fanfare) by having people walk through the tunnel single file. Four abreast would be more than 15,000 travelers per hour.
Baby steps. Eventually, for 12 vehicles they can hand build a body to mount onto a model y chassis and put more people in it more comfortably.
It's a start. It is likely it will improve. In the startup world, we call that an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). :-)

The poor quality of the [concrete] pour.... is alarming though. I suppose I expected more precision. Look at the slot the car/skate navigates...up in that image^ it meanders a good bit.
You've got to start somewhere (human drivers, slow speeds). Elon does shoot for the moon on his ventures, and in one (Space X) he really does! So for it seems that every venture Elon says he is going to do, he does do, unlike companies like Fisker and all the other vaporware electric cars. It will be interesting to see if the Loop cars ever get close to 150 mph. Maybe it will be in a Plaid or a new Roadster!. BTW, it's called a loop but it's bi-directional like a subway, if you miss your station you get off at the next one and cross over and take the other loop back.
The impressive aspect?

“Around two years after having the project approved”

Normal govt projects like this require 5-7 years to go live.

When Elon Musk takes something on, he accomplishes it with speed.

Look at the rapid 1-2 month test cycles at sister SpaceX.
Kevin Ritchey
Vegas is just a test bed. Years from now there will be either a new mode of transport or a dead planet. Humans are a poor example of sentient beings. Anything is possible.
@paul314, you could get more travelers per hour by walking, but it'll take them a lot more than 2 minutes to travel the 1.7 miles.
Hugh Shipman
Isn't this just called a subway--albeit, one without a train which is weird? I see nothing of note here. I love SpaceX. I'm not too thrilled with Elon's other endeavors. Perhaps he should stick with doing SpaceX.