This thing started as a 2-prop (2-duct) "hoverbike" on Kickstarter. After people started asking how the 2-prop design would work, it became a quad, and then people started asking why the overlap. I still haven't heard a good reason for the overlap. Please enlighten us. My guess is that this is just going to end up being a true large-scale quad. In which case the overlap design may have been a big waste of time and money.
@Milton, I don't know the diameter of the rotors, but I'd say at least 40-50cm, which would be good for stability, but not so much for storage.
no doubt the same people sucking taxpayers dry to pay for this are already helping our fabricated enemies be able to shoot the things down with something that costs a whole lot less.
If you're going to ride on that thing, I'd keep your dangly bits well away from those rotors!
When a micro-turbine powered hybrid version with a recumbent, enclosed cabin shows up at the local Kawasaki dealership for less than $10K US, sign me up!
Ted Cushman
I'm sure those human supervisors can be warm and personable once you get to know them.
Neil Farbstein
They call it a hover bike. I guess they could put some bullet proof armor on it and soldiers could shoot down at targets from above.
The video only shows a quad flying without a person or payload. Snooze.
Charles S Roscoe
What was the white box that was dropped 3/4 the way thru the video at the 1:57 mark? The white box shows at the beginning but not after it landed. No armor makes this a target unless it has Zig-Zag evasive maneuvers programmed in its flight path to throw off good aim.
Looks like something out of a Mission:Impossible movie. Hmm. I'll write the script as soon as I can!