Excellent automation allowing much better use of expensive personnel...but I hope the 'friend or foe' identification system really is foolproof.
Really I hope the finger on the trigger uses it's animal logic to offset the machine logic in this logical example of automation.
IFF, can be fooled, and so-to can a human, but there always needs to be checks and balances, rewards and consequences.
It needs a weather shield to keep freezing rain and snow of it.
'Bout time.
Brian M
Looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Either enemy is going to get through or friend is going to get shot.
Sentries need to be random in the way they scout/view, this looks as though it just scans in sequence! Or perhaps it is a wide field scan and the movement is for effect? If so better to leave gun centred for quickest movement to target anywhere in field.
Prefer a real human sentry with a backup of technology not the other way round (at least for now)!
Twenty two American soldiers were shot and killed to day by the latest automatic sentry system. Lockheed Martin has so far refused to comment on the situation.
Life imitates movies.
Wait, we need volunteers to replace the ammo box. Oops.
Stephen N Russell
Test in US federal prisons & State prisons alone to cut costs. Wow. Love this Place around DoD, CIA, NSA Hqs alone. Must for WH defense. Now the hue & cry from Corrections Officers union alone over this. Place at Edwards AFB FTC, Los Alamos Labs, NIH, NUMA.
Not only is IFF imperfect but most anything can be hacked and also relying on just one or two soldiers focuses a giant amount of responsibility on just those one or two operators. What happens if those one or two happen to have the world view of Tim McVeigh, or Major Hassan, that ultimate pinhead, Bergdahl? Running a perimeter is a hassle and I still would prefer to have more soldiers doing this than fewer. And I still want the hardware assist!
Roger Aikins
Step in the right direction but well placed rounds or RPG will knock out sensors or emplacement's..The water harvesting system is amazing