Bob Flint
The seed you need is in your heart, not inside a bullet.....unless you plan on reforesting acres of wasteland.
Gaƫtan Mahon
"Dear? What is that noise? What are you doing?" "Gardening..." "You never cared for gardening before!" "Times changed Hun... Times changed" *taking a deep inhale on a Cuban while reloading the 40mm Grenade Launcher with a Tulip Shot" "May want to cover yourself" "Wha.." *blaam*
I wonder how they can get this to work. Will they have different ammunition for different climates? Will they have different ammunition for different regions to avoid destabilizing whole ecosystems because of foreign plants?
Shooting someone with a bullet that contains a plant seed probably violates the Geneva Convention against biological warfare. ("Really, I was planting caster beans...") Hopefully this will go away with the new administration.
Beyond that, the contractor is also expected to explore ways these kinds of materials with integrated seeds can be used for purposes other than defense.
The fine print - we only look for offensive solution btw. What we actually want is seed bullets to produce - you know - the creature from the black lagoon - or something. Maybe, some trees that produce their own nooses for hanging around - haha get it - hanging around. No seriously, we need an hybrid. Poison Ivy, dandelions, venus fly trap and corpseflower combination applications will be pushed to the front of the line.
Why not just shoot high tech fortune cookies you would only need two messages "Gotcha" and "B..... missed"
What a great idea, I would suggest Poppy seeds....
Mark Markarian
Forget it.
This idea is dead.
The Trump Administration isn't going to waste time with this stupidity.
Whether you like it or not,
Bullets are for Killing and
The more likely it is that They will Kill,
The LESS the likely that the bullets will be fired.
The article with its photo is misleading. The ammunition sought is not for small arms - one person cannot carry (or own) a weapon that fires 40mm - 120mm ammunition. This is stuff that is mounted on a tank, plane or ship.
Siegfried Gust
I'm sorry, what am I missing here? The purpose of the seeds is to grow plants " that actively remove soil contaminants and consume the other biodegradable components." Why bother with the seeds and just create biodegradable munitions that don't contain anything that will contaminate the soil. And if they want to remove existing contaminants, there are far more effective ways of dispersing seeds.