This method could work within the CNS. Try it.
The reason that no regeneration of CNS fibers is possible is because of the circulating adult proteins. Use fetal circulation for damaged nerves and that should hook it back up readily. (Yes, I have 1000 X\'s your I.Q.)
William Moran
I love elegant solutions. this one is great!
Non-surgical??? how do they propose to bring the nerve endings together without surgery? how do they bathe the area with those chemicals without cutting?
i\'m not decrying the procedure, just the wording of the article.
John Flower
@TogetherinParis And not a quarter of the charisma of a normal person. ;-P
I think they mean without suturing the nerve ends together (sewing limp angel-hair pasta) - I could see this being done with nearly only injections. . .
Cherei McCarter
How does one sign up.. for the human trial??
Downed Biker
I for one cannot wait for this procedure to happen as I have a dead foot from a car running a stop sign and cleaning me up on my harley and basic destroying my leg from the knee to the toes and all feeling so any one that knocks this method should walk a mile in my shoes and then they may discover that I cannot walk very far at all without crutches . From a downed biker
Gregg Eshelman
A modified version of methylene blue was successfully used to completely stop the progression of Alzheimer\'s in several patients in a trial. However it did not repair any of the damage.
When their brains were examined after death, there was no trace of amyloid plaque. The methylene blue had cleaned it out.
So why isn\'t this treatment being used? Some of the people in the test group had adverse reactions.
Why not develop a test to see who would and wouldn\'t have the bad reaction so that people with Alzheimer\'s and can take the stuff can have their disease stopped early on?
But that\'s how so much stuff is done in medicine, can\'t use it unless it\'s 100% absolutely safe.
Gunnar Young
Anyone have any idea when this surgery will be avaliable?
Richard Trudeau
So my friend is at Froedert in WI with a burst fracture to T11 they repaired the vertebrae and have said that his spinal cord is not completely severed but they tell him do not expect to walk again.. could this procedure be something to bring up? The initial injury was 11 days ago.