Bob Stuart
I'd have thought a modern car would have streamlining, but I can assure you that the Morgan uses pneumatic tires, whereas the Penny Farthing has solid tires in two very different sizes.
Bruce H. Anderson
The eggcrate will be a royal pain to clean in the rear, and is really ugly up front. It is a fair-weather toy that could have been a nice daily driver with a little more effort.
Gasoline is so 2015. Where's the EV model?
A bit nicer that the specs for Elio, but not worth 10x the price...
This is also a drawback. I get almost two Morgans for this price. To set this price more in perspective you get 11 ELIOS for this price. Please be a bit more realistic. Okay, the have no heated seats !?!?
You will not ever get an Elio. My opinion.
Martin Hone
To compare this to the Morgan is ridiculous. The only thing they have in common is 3 wheels. The Morgan is a cycle car, this is a 3-wheeled car. Re-visit in 5, 10 or more years and we will see which has survived....
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Should be bank-to-turn.
Holy Crap, Batman! 77-large for the ugliest pig on the block? Have you checked out the Polaris Slingshot? Much more bang for the buck, IMO. And a helluva lot better looking. For that $77K I think I'd opt for a new Vette, or maybe a new hotrod Mustang *and* a Slingshot! The author did not bother to tell us where this thing is made, but I finally found it in the last page fine-print of their website: Utah, USA.
Good grief! As others have said, just think what you could get for that kind of money. Not to mention, a whole lot better looking. That thing looks like you could shave with it.