I'd like to have one of those with a smaller displacement in the sub 150 kilo range. maybe with more normal features like a round headlight for example.
The exhaust exits under the engine, not in the subframe as you guessed. I have seen the prototype in person. It's pretty sick.
Cool looking? Sure. But, I predict, a maintenance nightmare. Very niche. I just don't see it selling all that well.
Awesome looking but it seems short sighted to build new ICE vehicles.
What a beautiful piece of American engineering. A fair price for a bespoke machine. It will get cheaper when in full production one would imagine. Not to keen on the belt driven cams though. Would sooner see meshing gears or at least chain driven. I hope that Vanguard has the seat sorted what with the exhaust sitting by the looks about an inch below your ass. This bike is guaranteed to turn heads. One thing puzzles me though where is the rear brake? 10/10 for presentation.
That looks about as comfortable as riding a saw horse.....
Joe Blough
Needs a seatbelt when you crank the throttle.
Steven Livingston
So, after 40 years of proving that a water-cooled 4-cylinder engine is the most efficient way to make durable horsepower in the lightest package possible, we get bleeding edge technology in the form air-cooled pushrod v-twin. At least it's lighter than a Harley.
It's an interesting design for certain, very innovative, and some very unique features. However, it's powered by an internal combustion engine, and that makes it obsolete as far as I'm concerned, both as a concerned champion of the environment, and in opposition to the reliance on gasoline and Big Oil. If it was powered by an electric engine, then it would really catch my attention! Engineers, should stop designing in redundancy!
So slick looking, but as another viewer mentioned: ICE just doesn't scream future any more.