BeSoon Son
INVISIBLE OR "Black" Agents spying on us w/cloaking costumes and black spaceships and satellites
Get that onto a supercar!
Sounds like it would be great for a thermal solar collector if the price is somewhat reasonable.
Ralf Biernacki
AFAIU, Vantablack gets its blackness by having a textured (OK, nano-textured) surface finish. This finish is unlikely to shed contaminants easily; as a matter of fact one would expect that dust and other dirt would readily stick to this surface, and once it got grimy, the finish would no longer be so perfectly black.
@ Freederick That is not a problem inside a "glass" box.
Don Duncan
There is glass that allows 99.9% IR to pass. The problem for solar cookers is keeping it there. This coating would do that.
Gregg Eshelman
If it wouldn't get dirty it would be ideal as a coating for radiators for vehicles. The enhanced emissivity should allow shrinking the radiator size while maintaining the same level of heat transfer.
Could this material in any way be applied to display screens for computers and tablets. I know how annoying it can get where glare and the sun can be a major problem when working in certain areas of a building. Would Vantablack absorb the glare and solar light interference?
@Slowburn and Don Duncan: I had similar thoughts as well as a follow on for Slowburn's.
Most solar panels including multi-layer solar panels still allow most of the light through. You could put up your solar panels with heat pipes coated with this underneath to provide electricity for you house, hot water year round, and depending on the engineering heat for the winter and a steam powered AC for the summer. An additional benefit would be the almost complete blocking of any solar heating of attic spaces during the summer. Of course on the down side, no heating of spaces during the winter. This directly affects the temperature differential for heat transfer increasing/decreasing the HVAC sizing requirements.
Another possible domestic use would be to triple distill any incoming water to your home for the purest water possible. This would require a domestic reservoir.
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I would love to have Vantablack clothing and paint. that would be awesome.