Russell Willmoth
Might be useful in a third world country which doesn't have chip and pin, but who the hell "swipes" a credit card in a first world country? Also whats the point of a device that only holds one card and the rest of them stuck on the side with and elastic band?
Last time I had to swipe my card was at least three years ago - chip and pin has rendered this item obsolete.
Right, most sales staff these days don't even know what to do with a "swipe" card. I think it is more like 10 years since I used one. The EEC is already trying to settle on a successor to the chip-n-pin.
Any place that accepts credit will need to see the signature on the back of the card or see your license for proof of identity. All this device does is increase the size of one card 10 fold.
Apparently you folks never use Redbox - swiping is mandatory there. But that said, I agree about the issue of the pointlessness of a 2 card holder (in protected mode, anyway). I also wonder how comfortable this would be in a front pocket (where one carries one's wallet to better avoid being the victim of pickpockets.
beside being useless, wouldn't it be a little bit cold when you put it in your pocket ?
Folks in Europe/Canada need to understand that the U.S. is far behind in chip and pin technology. This article explains it all:
Heck, I loaded up all the info from my credit/debit cards into into my Samsung Galaxy S3 Wallet App only to find that just a handful of stores even have the NFC technology.
In the States, it remains that most businesses still rely on swiping our magnetic strips. No wonder we have so many scammers running rampant.
Rick Beacham
Might be OK, if you only used 1 card
Stephen N Russell
Need more pockets or sleeves for ID etc to be a working wallet, cant see just for credit & debit cards. Must expand on this alone.
The Skud
The main fault that sticks out to me is that I've yet to see a "swipe" version of the unbiquitous ATM! I wonder just how many (leaving out the rich, who would just tell their valet / minder to pay) will want only one or two cards during a week?