Shawn Boike
This has a big market in Seattle too...
Kenneth Marken
a EV assisted recumbent with such a cover would be interesting.
you\'d have to be suicidal to use one of these in Auckland. First gust of wind would toss you into oncoming traffic.
Kris Lee
Good luck with the wind.
Mr Stiffy
This is actually a good idea, for places that piss down rain a lot and have little to no wind......
Where I live on the open plains.... riding 60Km into a 30 or 40Kmh head wind...
A great idea? Lots of fun?
Not so much.
Iván Imhof
Well, looks interesting, but would be challenging in wind. I bought a rugged waterproof military poncho and it is big enough to do almost the same function for 15 bucks and I can keep it folded in my side bags.
When I *had* to ride my bike for about a year, it wasn\'t so much my head getting wet, but more along the lines of me riding into the rain and getting the whole of my body wet! My face and head being wet I can deal with...but once your pants and shirt gets wet, things start to chafe...and not in a good way!
I just watched the video...that poor woman...she gets all the benefits of the heat and sweat from the strenuous exercise without any of the negatives of the cooling and refreshing wind in her face...Yay!
Gregg Eshelman
It\'s like the opposite of a convertible car.
Doug MacLeod
You could just do what the Dutch do, carry an umbrella. I kid you not, its a regular sight in Den Haag. Just the other day I saw an elderly red-faced lawyer in a suit, pedalling along with his umbrella open. He needed it to keep his cigar dry!